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ATTENTION: Big Advertising Strategy

Lately I’ve been posting little ads about IB on YouTube (my name on the site is tarantinofreak92). The way I see it, the ads plus the trailers for the movie would do the trick to get an even larger number of people to see the movie. If you’d all join and add me on YouTube, we’d be able to let as many people know as possible. Plus (of course you probably already know to do this, but just in case you don’t), let every man, woman, and even child know about the movie. Post ads on blogs, other websites, etc. Hell, I’m planning on making posters and posting them everywhere in my city (maybe y’all could do the same).

Here’s my (fixed up) YouTube ad:


ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! DO NOT miss Quentin Tarantino’s new film, the World War II epic, “Inglourious Basterdsâ€

Ohhhh, first thing you need to do is take Eli Roth’s name out then. haha

Oh yeah, thanks! ;D But then again, people LOVE Hostel and Hostel 2. So I don’t know, it might keep it.

Well it’s summer. The milfs are hot and they want to dump their kids in a cool theater room where they can quietly slip away and hump perverts like me in elevator shafts and restrooms. My point is, summer is a great time to get a movie out that has Brad Pitt, Mike Meyers, and hot women shooting guns. (Yes there’s a smart side to the film, but they’re not going to promote that). And by smart I mean movie smart not Albert Frankenstein smart. Errr…I meant Einstein.

lmao Lt.