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Assault on Precinct 13 (Special Edition)

One of QT’s favorite flicks gets released on DVD tomorrow! A special edition for John Carpenter’s breakthrough ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13!

If you aren’t familiar with it, this cult-classic is basically a modern day (1976, that is) action/thriller that borrows elements of one of QT’s all-time favorites, Rio Bravo and Scott Fuller (From Dusk til’ Dawn) sports the film’s title on his shirt. Any other connections?


-Commentary by John Carpenter

-Theatrical trailer(s)

-New video Q&A with John Carpenter and star Austin Stoker at the American Cinematheque

-Isolated music score;

-Behind the scenes photo gallery;

-Still and lobby card gallery;


-Radio spots

-Widescreen anamorphic format

the boy in FDTD wears a shirt with “precinct 12” on it ;_)

Funny you mention this film, I pre-ordered the DVD from a week or so ago. I should be getting it today or tomorrow. Its been one of my favorite cult films since I was a kid. I have The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, Escape from NY, The Fog on DVD right now, I’m slowly putting together my Best of Carpenter collection. :slight_smile:

Carpenter has gone downhill is the past decade or so, he hasnt really done anything worthwhile. Hopefully he’ll come back with a kickass film sometime.

Dark Star is another great early Carpenter film

This is one of my favorite movies. Prolly my second favortie Carpenter right after Escape from New York. This movie has one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. The main theme is just so dark and is everything that a theme should be for a cult film. I picked this DVD up in a 2 pack with dreamscape for $10 at Best Buy. If you haven’t seen this movie, dont even bother renting it. Just go down to the closest Best Buy and get that 2 pack. There remaking Assault of Precinct right now with Laurence Fishbourne, Ethan Hawke, & John Leguizamo. I was so excited when I first heard about this project. Carpenter is suppose to be producing and watching ove the project. I’m praying they do a reprise of the original theme. I will be first in line for this movie. But what I’m pissed about, is motherfuckin JA Rule is in this movie. I hate that faggot. He will ruin this movie. I hope he gets taken out so fuckin bad. I really can’t stand him and dont understand why they would chose his ass for such a good movie. It makes no sense, you got such a great cast, then you got Ja Rule. Please tell me how that works.

Dudes I bought this gem at Kmart in there shit pile for $4.00. Didn’t even have to but that rediculously overhyped Escape from New York. Probably the second best Carpenter film I’ve seen after They Live. I haven’t seen The Thing yet though. This is probably the only movie I had to stop a scene, rewind and watch it again to make sure what I saw really happened. Brilliant. The interview included is pretty funny too.

The movie is basically Night Of The Living Dead, but with gangsters instead of zombies in a different location. It’s not that great.

The movie is basically Night Of The Living Dead, but with gangsters instead of zombies in a different location. It’s not that great.
With a name like Smuckers, It has to be good.

[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
With a name like Smuckers, It’s gotta be good.
[/quote]Smuckers? What in god’s fucking name are you talking about?

Assault on Precinct 13 is a great name for a flick - with a name like that, it has to be good!

All i’m saying is that it shares similar structure and story points as Night Of The Living Dead, and the main character also resembles Ben, too much, if ya know what I mean. But overall its a good movie, I’ve seen it before, but its alright.

doesn’t sound like my kind of movie. I am waiting for a horror movie that is a spoof of Field of Dreams -

they could call it “field of screams”

There’s a married with children episode called that

I saw that one. That’s probably where my sub-conscious found that notion.

just picked this one up at warmart in the bargin bin for 5.50 great deal.