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Aspect ratio

I didn’t see this theatrically, but I heard the Grind House version was 2:35:1. The dvd is 1.78:1. Which one is missing information?

Planet Terror was shot in Super 35 with a Genesis camera. This way a 2.35 print could be struck to be placed with Death Proof without having to alter the projector in the middle of a screening. The video presentation (it looks 1.85 to me) actually shows more information on top and bottom without having to pan and scan, because it was compensated for when originally shot.

ok, thanks. The framing looked good on dvd.

Yeah it freaked me out too in the beginning. Before PT came out I read that it was 1.85, and then that it was shot Super 35. At the time I thought you could only shoot Super 35 film, so that confused me for a while. Then I researched the Genesis camera a bit more and learned you can shoot Super 35 digitally. Good shit. Then it made more sense. 1.85 is Robert’s preferred shooting ratio.