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An article on a new DVD of Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards!. Saw it and thought someone might like to broaden their horizons. Plus there’s a QT mention in there.


So I resurrected the General Asian Film Talk, stickied it and renamed it “Asian Cinema Ticker”.

This is to provide an accessible news thread to replace the now-defunct Asian Cinema board.

I will kick off it off with a brief article from Film Comment about Sion Sono’s new film “Love Exposure” (out on DVD in Japan and perhaps touring world festivals).

“I’m a pervert but not a phony. I am a pervert with dignity!” So says Yu Tsunoda (Takahiro Nishijima), a Japanese Catholic youth suffering from a serious mix-up in lifestyle priorities. The death of Yu’s mother prompts his father to become a priest, which in turn prompts Yu’s desperate attempts to invent sins that he can bring to Dad for confession. In search of new taboos, Yu becomes a master of ninja-style “upskirt” photography. This leads to his “love exposure” with the fetching but feisty Yoko (Hikari Mitsushima), and thus to further shenanigans involving cult brainwashing, terrorist action, and a loony bin. Director Sion Sono (Suicide Club) gleefully mashes genre sensibilities into an absurd pulp product that is also, at critical narrative moments, oddly moving. Clocking in at 237 minutes, Sino’s film possesses a rambling, free-associative structure. That’s a particularly apt way of expressing the mutating interior states of its characters, and the time-intensive processes necessary for reversing and/or deprogramming their various mental conditions. In other words: it’s a serious head trip!" - Chris Chang

Source: Film Comment, September/October 2009 (Vol. 45/No. 5)


Kitano Takeshi’s latest film “Outrage”, his first yakuza film in more than a decade, has been selected for Cannes.

Looks interesting:


No surprise there. Cannes loves the man, for good reason. I’ve seen all movies he’s directed and I’m looking forward to this one very much, I hope it’s anywhere near the brilliance of Hana-Bi and Sonatine.


that looks impressive:


Hi everyone… newbie here… about asian movie, do you guys know the movie “Windstruck”? were can i get a copy of that movie? or where can i order? I,m willing to pay for the charge. thanks


some asian movie has very unique twist of story.


A remake of A BETTER TOMORROW … the trailer looks alright, but I would much rather enjoy flawless BluRays of the original films than these modern day CGI-infested blockbusters