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Articles from different magazines!


here I have few article from german magazines to the topic Kill Bill and Taratino …

cinema 10/03

cinema 11/03




TV Movie 22/03

TV TODAY 22/03

GQ 11/03

Der Spiegel 42/03

Gong 42/03

taz - Oct. 18/19

german press folder

… it would be very nice, when someone can give me different articels from the international press to the topic



hey, those are great, thank you very much.

I wanna say, I’m sorry for being so lazy these days. The days and weeks before Kill Bill came out were so busy weeks that I just needed a timeout now.

I have tons of links and stuff in my mailbox (the above included) just haven’t had time to include them into my site.

cool stuff, there.

Update today:

Planet Movie - 10 pages

IY Style - 2 pages

SUBVERSIV - 3 pages

Update … english language magazines !!!

Here’re 2 interviews (from the same mag, Impact Magazine - November 2002 Edition, Issue #131) I found from a Bruce Lee fansite. I don’t know if it’s old news though. Sorry if it is.

Killing Bill

Page 50

Page 51

Tarantino’s Tribute

Page 68

Page 69

Great sites, thanks.

Update - Nov. 18, 2003



Premiere (Japan) with 16 pages,

TimeOut NewYork (USA),

Metro Life (UK),

TV Movie (Germany)

and an israeli magazin !!!



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I just wanted to say that your site is awesome even though I can’t really read German (luckily you got some english stuff). it’s very schematic and neat, big, and nice quality scans.

keep up the good work! Seb should really link your site to his main page (if you haven’t already).

I have the front cover scan of Film Review special edition but I do not have the means to host all of the scanned pages. I have emailed Cyberwarrior to see whether he can host it so that people who have not read this can do so.

BTW, the stupid mag set me RM42 back. For comparison purposes, a Royale with Cheese is only RM5 at the most. And my, do the DVDs here cripple you. The Pulp fiction box set is RM139! :frowning:

[quote]Update … english language magazines !!!


damn, Uma looks hot on the cover of that Arena magazine! :slight_smile:

thanx for the links cyber, theres a lot of cool shit on dat site

Uma is also pretty hot in this spread. Nice photos.


does any1 have the article from total film with Umsa on the cover? think it was NOv 03