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April 6th @ the Burnet Rd. Drive-In, Austin TX - TICKETS?

Anybody know how to score tickets or an invitation to this showing (listed on the posters)?

Austin Film Society?

Harry Knowles?

I am an Austin ex-patriate willing to make the journey

anybody even know if this will be ready to show as scheduled?

I’m pretty sure that Burnett Drive In is closed. Its supposed to be a kind of in-joke for Austinites.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that this Drive-In is also featured in the movie.

there are too many lulz in this post. you can make the trip to austin but you’d have to travel a bit further from burnet rd to see any sort of screenin of the movie.

The Burnet Rd Drive In closed in…1975!!! I was 1 year old. Long before I ever knew what a Grindhouse film was. Here are some photos I found online of what it used to look like in its heyday: