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Anyone knows where I can get the Diary Of The Dead screenplay?

Just curious. if anyone has it send it here. plz.

I did some searching came up with nothing. I haven’t been able to find anything decent for awhile. i’ve been looking all over for the Super Max script with no luck. I’ve heard IMDB is the place to go but everybody there always wants to trade and I don’t really feel like encouraging that.

mmm-yeah. thanks for the effort though, Dexter.

Where do you usually get your scripts? I’ve mostly been going to for the last few years but earlier today I found It’s an invitation only message board but they’ve got open registration from now until Thanksgiving. Lotta scripts over there. Only catch is you have to remain an active poster or they yank your membership.

And it’s just Dex.

I go to and

Yes. Dex. Dex.