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Any Special Effects Folks out There?

Hey, I earlier posted that I have a great script I’m looking for actors, but now I realize that I would need a better special effects editor than myself. You don’t have to be in the area if we can deal with sending editing back and forth online.

Those of you who are interested email me at for a sample of my script.

I would of course help you, if I wasn’t so far from you (I live in France)… but I think that it would be veru difficult, and we would spend a lot of money to make it in 2 different countries !

Hey no problem, if you’re really good, then I can send you some of the scenes that require some really good editting. Then I can get someone closer to my area to do the easy stuff.

I didn’t know that you need a really big professionnal, which of course I’m not. I can do some, but I don’t believe that it’s the best solution for you to spend money for me, in France, because you can sure find someone better in your country…

Well, in that case I guess it won’t work between us, but that’s ok. Maybe later on if I need a French girl to do a voice over, I’ll get you for it.

Any other special effects people around the Daytona Beach area?

Can I read the script. I like reading scripts yo.