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Anthony Minghella died

LONDON (Reuters) - British film director Anthony Minghella, who won an Oscar for “The English Patient,” died in a London hospital on Tuesday after a short illness, his agent said. He was 54.

Minghella died from complications following surgery last week for cancer of the tonsils and neck, agent Leslee Dart said.

“The surgery had gone well and they were very optimistic,” she said. "But he developed a hemorrhage last night and they were not able to stop it."

He was married to Carolyn Choa and had two grown-up children, Max and Hannah.

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1990 Truly, Madly, Deeply

1993 Mr. Wonderful

1996 The English Patient

1999 The Talented Mr. Ripley

2000 Play

2003 Cold Mountain

2006 Breaking and Entering


Iris (2001) (executive)

Heaven (2002)

The Quiet American (2002) (executive)

The Interpreter (2005) (executive)

Catch a Fire (2006)

Michael Clayton (2007) (executive)

Margaret (2008) (executive)

The Reader (2008)

With the progress of medecine and all, I’m always so surprised when someone so young died !

Yes. I wonder what happened. That’s only my fathers age. So young, so sad!

R.I.P :’(

He had some great films under his director and producer belt. rest in peace.

By the nine divines! I was about to make a topic about Diablo Cody and then I see this! This is truly tragic, I really liked Cold Mountain, and I just never expected to see this. He was a great filmmaker and his son was awesome in Art School Confidential. A complete tragedy, I really loved his films.

He used to go to my uni.


Are you really in that big, fancy college and if so who is paying for it? ::slight_smile:

I have not watched his films until now but he was good director

Are you really in that big, fancy college and if so who is paying for it? ::slight_smile:

Dude, there are loads of universities like that in England. Why would I lie about going there? And I’ll be paying for it, eventually.

Hull is an English name? Theres a city in Quebec named Hull. But theres also a place called Dildo in NewFoundLand. I often wonder about the person who did the naming for that place.

Yeah Hull is quite infamous in England actually. It’s like the forgotten city. The most bombed city during WWII but people don’t admit it and take more pity on other cities such as Coventry. Also, last year when all the floods hit, Hull actually got it worse than anybody else if not equally, yet nobody payed attention. It’s also like top 3 for the worst places to live in England. However, it has one of the best universities which has been called “the best kept secret in Hull”. They’re regenerating large parts of Hull, and already there is a massive improvement in the city centre. What’s more, it has the only all digital cinema complex in the whole of Europe! What more could you ask for? :stuck_out_tongue: