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Animal Style Martial Arts?

I wasn’t sure which thread I should’ve asked this, but I remember a QT interview I saw before Volume 1 came out and he mentioned some of his actors when training had to learn various animal style martial arts like in Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. I think it was this that one of Woo Ping’s stunt guys (or maybe himself) said they hadn’t used in decades. Well, it’s obvious that it wasn’t used in Volume 1. So for those who’ve read the script to Volume 2 or those in the know, will there be a fight scene in Vol. 2 that features the animal style? Maybe the Pai Mei training scene perhaps?

What I don’t get is why modern kung fu movies from Hong Kong don’t use the animal styles anymore. I personally think it’s one of the coolest looking things I’ve ever seen in martial arts movies especially with that awesome sound effect, "woof!"

Anyway, just wanted to know. I’m hoping.

“Eagle Claw” is mentioned in the script. I’m sure we’re gonna see a little bit of that.

During the “bootleg” trailer, you can see the bride and pai mei doing what looks like crane strikes. The trailer is on the soundtrack, so watch it when the two are training in sillouettes in front of a red background. It looks like crane to me. Hopefully they’ll do some five animals kungfu like Gordon Lui did in 36th Chamber of Shaolin.

Im pretty sure Pai Mei is gonna teach The Bride all the Animal styles of kung fu. I know QT is a huge fan of that kind of fighting and he can do the moves himself really well.

They do mention Tiger and Crane and Eagles Claw kung fu styles in the script. But Id love to see others like Monkey and Praying Mantis style too.

I cant wait to see that chapter. Its gonna be really cool to watch. 8)

QT is the Master!!

I thought monkey was in the script too. Maybe not.

If Pai Mei teaches the Bride all animal styles, she would learn duck style (yes, there is such a thing), which is some strange shit! The five animal style includes tiger, crane, snake, leopard, and dragon. I’m pretty sure she’ll learn five animals.