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Andrei Tarkovsky

I have heart that  Andrei Tarkovsky made some very interessting movies and it is time for me to watch some.

Well I have heart about this:

The Mirror

Ivan’s Childhood (aka My Name is Ivan)

Andrei Rublev



And I´m not sure which one I should start. Is there someone who can give me some recommondations?

It seems that Solaris could be the best entry, what do you think?

Have you seen more of his work?

Why does everyone recommend Solaris? Cuz it is his best work or cuz it is the best entry in his work?

And can you give me some more detailed information about your thought of Solaris?

I saw 90% of Solaris. (There was a 15 minute stretch where I had to leave the television to do something else). It’s great. It seems to be his most known film, so I’d start there. I haven’t seen many of his movies myself, and I hope to do so soon. He’s the Soviet response to Kubrick (and I LOVE Kubrick).

So I will try to buy Solaris…

it seems really to be the best entry in his movies…

Hm, the soviest Kubrick :smiley: , well in this case his movies must be good…

Anyone on this board has seen an other Tarkovsky?

Some recommondations for me?

[quote]So I will try to buy Solaris…[/quote]

this should help you decide which version to get. Criterion are as expensive as fuck though

So far, I´ve only seen STALKER - that movie is really terrific. Absolutely awesome direction which reminds me a lot of Stanley Kubrick´s directing style in some scenes. For example, there´s a five or maybe six minute dialogue sequence that was completely done in one shot, with some kind of ultra-slow zoom into the scenery. Simply stunning. Besides that, the whole movie has a wonderful, underlying dangerous atmosphere, with some pretty stirring sequences.

Probably one of the best european films I´ve seen in my days, even though it feels a little “stretched” during the last hour. :wink:

Question (due to the fact, that I have not that much money, I can not buy everything…):

Would it be better to buy the DVDs of Tarkovsky and Sonderbergh of Solaris and read the book written by Lem.

Or should I focus of seeing more “only” Tarkovsky movies?

What would be better.

Focusing on one theme or on one director?

I would recommend to focus one one director. And also with Tarkovsky i would recommend beeing careful because the movies are not everybody’s taste. First check one and if you like it, check the others.

Focus on the director - the Soderbergh version of SOLARIS, in my opinion, isn´t a must see. It´s well done and quite interesting for various reasons, but I really don´t think it can keep up with the original (even if I don´t know it).

And if you´re planning to read the book in any case, you should do that before checking out the movie. :slight_smile:

@ Yoshi: I found out that they will shown Solaris in a theatre in Dortmund in two week! Isn´t it great, I wanna see a Tarkovsky movie and some days later I have the chance!

Above all bob from the Manifest board recommended me to see it on the big screen than to see it on TV.

‘Mirror’ is a fantastic film. Since film is the art of what you see coupled with the length of time that you see it then ‘Mirror’ is a good example of a film that utilises that discipline very well without resorting to storytelling. Nothing against storytelling. I like a good story myself. ‘Mirror’ consists of the memories of an unseen dying man (though some might want to correct me on that, the last time I saw it was in 1996) and uses colour and monochrome cinematography coupled with newsreel footage. In some sense the film could be called ‘Amacord’ (’ I Remember’)

Andrei Tarkovsky is awsome. You should start out with Solaris then move on to Stalker

An Andrei Tarkovsky website

Taken from the same website Andrei speaks about contemporary (1982) cinema:

To make a film you need money. To write a poem all you need is pen and paper. This puts cinema at a disadvantage. But I think cinema is invincible, and I bow down to all the directors who try to realise their own films despite everything. All the films from which I’ve shown examples have their own rhythm. (Nowadays, it seems, most directors use rapid short scenes, and directors who use cutting and speed are considered to be ‘really professional.’) The aim of any true director is to express truth, but what do producers care? In the 1940s, there was a survey in America ranking professions according to stress. This was at the time of Hiroshima and pilots came out on top. The second place went to film directors. It’s almost a suicidal profession.

the mirror

andrei rubliov

alright these are the tarkovski films that i have watched:


ivans childhood

the mirror

the sacrifice

andreij rublev