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Ambrose Bierce

The most interesting part in the FROM DUSK TILL DAWN trilogy is Ambrose Bierce in FDTD 3. Who is he exept a writter. He says that on doomsday he will play tuba along with Gabriel and in The Titty Twister he sees him self, and the vamps don’t attack him.

I love how Parks plays this character

He was my favorite part of the movie actually. When he first showed up at the beginning it looked like it was just gonna be a little cameo but it was cool when he actually got to hang around and do something. But the most interesting character? Maybe. Who would you say are the runners up? I know Seth ranks pretty high for me.

he rocked a lot in this movie. I especially liked him doing the “bam, gotcha” gesture towards the end when he’s drunk… great. if it wasn’t for the horrible CGI in this movie, it would be really amazing. I L-O-V-E-D the vampire tango