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Alternate Endings

I recently bought Clue The Movie on DVD (I love that movie SO much), and as you may or may not know, at the end of the movie, there are three alternate endings, where in each ending, a different character is revealed to be the killer.

So I was thinking, wouldn’t it be SO cool if Reservoir Dogs had six different endings, where in each one a different dog was revealed to be the rat, and for a different reason.

Like in one ending, I could see it revealed that Mr. White is actually an FBI agent, tasked to help take down Joe. And in another ending, Pink is the rat, because, greedy guy that he is, he was selling Joe’s information to another crime boss. Maybe Blue was an old rival of Joe, and now so he acted like he had fogiven him, but really he was just getting his revenge, and then it was JOE who killed Blue.

Although I doubt Mr. Tarantino will release a new version of Reservoir Dogs with multiple alternate endings anytime soon, if he did, all the seens revealing Orange as the rat would be removed, and all the alternate endings could be put in at the end.

This is why bad films get made lol jk. I think that the film is presented in such a way that Pink, White, and Blonde aren’t the rat no matter what. Blue, Brown and Orange very well can be because they don’t get to talk much. For that to work little things all over the film would have to be changed. The whole Mr.White flashback or Mr.Pink saying he knew Joe since he was a kid, etc etc.

Matt Damon is the rat.

Matt Damon is the rat.