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All those names?

I just watched Dogs for the first time in YEARS. Man do I love this flick! Anyway, I was wondering if all those names were ever discussed? You know…those wacky names.

A female named “Alabama” that use to run with Kietel? Same “Alabama” from True Romance?..NOT a common name.

“Marsallis” was a mentioned as a possible fence for the diamonds. I know his last name wasn’t Wallace but an odd first name none the less.

Vic Vega / Vincent Vega…Brothers?..WTF!

Vic Vegas parole officer “Scagnetti”. Same Scagnetti from NBK?

I think there was another but it’s slipping my mind right now. I’m sure this has been discussed to death but I wasn’t sure on how to search this out. Sorry.

How rude of me…HELLO! Nice to meet you all.

They have been discussed. You should be able to find a lot of those in different posts around the forum. And yes, Vincent vega and Vic vega are brothers. He did that because he was originally going to have it be the same guy. He wanted michael madsen to have travolta’s role in Pulp Fiction, but ended up making him a brother.

Yeah, and also, Tarantino says he likes to have the same names and characters in his different movies, to create a sense that all his stories take place in the same sort of “universe”, or something like that

The name Marvin has popped up more than once too…

In Quentin’s original script for True Romance, Clarence was supposed to die. In Tarantino’s mind Alabama would then turn into a thief, and at some time hook up with Mr White.