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Alex De La Iglesia

For fans of Miike and Tarantino this guy is a Spanish Director with a similar style to those directors… He’s the favourite cult director in Spain… He’s a big fan of exploitation and his movies are filled with sex and violence but are hilariously funny at the same time!!!

Check out his movies:
Mutant Action (In the future, a group of crippled and handicapped take arms against the good looking oppressors) LMAO (Accion mutante)
The Day of the Beast (El dia de la bestia)
Dance with the Devil (And you thought Natural Born Killers was cool) aka Perdita Durango
Dying of Laughter
Common Wealth
800 Bullets (A hiliarious tribute to Spaghetti Westerns)
Perfect Crime

Trust me any fan of Tarantino or Miike should check this guy out!

I wanted to see 800 Bullets and Ferpect Crime but they’ve never been released in the arthouse of my city. The girl in Ferpect Crime is so ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently watched his latest EL BAR and it is fucking nuts. I loved it. He was back to his peak. I didn’t like Brujas much… and I am happy that PERDITA DURANGO is arriving on an affordable BluRay in Germany in a few weeks