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Alex cox influence?

in this months issue of uk mag ‘uncut’ they have article on alex cox’s punk western ‘straight to hell’ from 1987. ive never seen it but the story is that three sharp suited hitman are on the run after bungled robbery and end up hiding out in this town full of cowboys i guess, except its joe strummer, the pogues and fucking courtney love (aaarghh, ‘hell’? got that right)

well anyway they were saying in the article that they (producer i think) thought tarantino nicked the idea for jules off them coz one of the hitmen is black and with jheri curl and suited too. but i think firstly that the suits came from hong kong movies and secondly that jules hair was supposed to be a huge afro but the guy responsible for wigs brought a jheri curl by accident didnt he?

i thought it well pisses me off when people always try take credit for tarantino, though i guess its a compliment to his genius and popularity that so many people want a piece i guess.

but well anyway after reading that article i was flicking through a book bout tarantino and they said the glowing suitcase was like some french film but also like in alex cox’s ‘repo man’ when at the end the car boot is glowing. ive not seen that flick repo man since i was a kid so cant remember it.

so anyway, do you think alex cox is an influence?

Who the fuck is Alex Cox??

[quote]Who the fuck is Alex Cox??[/quote]

hehe. I wanted to ask the same thing just now

hm, a script writer…

maybe the guy who wrote Fear and loathing…

I love Alex Cox! He has done some of my favorite movies. Straight to hell is great even though most people hate it and come on Courtney Love is in it and thats just dandy haha. Alex also did Sid & Nancy and Repo-man.

[quote]hm, a script writer…

maybe the guy who wrote Fear and loathing… [/quote]

i think hes brit, i thought he was quite a famous film maker in the 80s coz ‘repo man’, with emilio estevez, was a hit werent it? and yeah he did ‘sid and nancy’ with gary oldman

he was originally attached to fear and loathing as director but it went to gilliam and they kept the first half of cox’s script but rewrote the rest coz the second half was apparently nothing like the book.

alex cox is one of or was one of the biggest cult directors most in the 80’s. repo man is awsome i always rent it when i see it cuz its so fuckin crazey. and i dont think that tarantino took anything from him. alex cox’s movies dont fit the genre that PF was knockin off.

Would you be so kind and tell me more? Can you explain why you think that he didnt influence QT?

it would be really nice to hook me up with some more information - thanxs.

I have heard that QT was a fan of Cox and thats rad because I love them both. I think that QT maybe took a little from Straight to hell I say this because the whole hitman thing is similar.