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Aldo Raine Vs The KKK

"As a child, Tarantino attended an otherwise all-black school, where he says he fantasised about defeating the Ku Klux Klan. That would be the next move for Brad Pitt’s character, he says."

Cool!! 8)

I can see Aldo going back to Tennesee and becoming an undercover vigilante, taking out KKK members with his black friends. Maybe QT could tie in a moonshining story in there too. Brotherhood of Death Meets White Lightning meets Rolling Thunder!

Mmmmmm. Nah.

Brad Pitt wouldn’t do such a thing.

Superman defeated the Ku Klux Klan for real. There was an episode of the Superman radio series based on real life source material about the klan (their secret codes and so forth) and according to QI after that episode was broadcast the membership of the klan went down to zilch.

I think if anything it would have to be a prequel set in the 1930’s, maybe showing how Aldo got his scar. I don’t think he should be the main character though, just a supporting character. A black actor should play the main character. Maybe there would be a group of black bastards (basterds?) that do the same thing to the KKK that the jews in IB did to the nazis. Aldo Raine would be somebody that would help them along the way. He’d be like the equivilant of Hugo Stiglitz in this movie.