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Alabama and Mr.White


In the scene where Joe and Mr.White are discussing his recurrent “jobs” with other people; he mentions a girl named, Alabama. “She’s a good little thief.” Is that referred to Alabama Whorely from True Romance?


Yes and it’s Alabama (Whitman) Worley


[quote=“Bad Max”]
Yes and it’s Alabama (Whitman) Worley
[/quote]I know you ass, she’s a prostitute, “Whore” - Whorely, get it?


She’s not a whore, she’s a call-girl. There’s a difference, you know.


She’s a fine piece of ass is what she is.


i wonder if she was a thief before or after she met Clarence


shit yea i was thinkin the same thing and i also realized that RAY from Jackie Brown popped up in Out of SIght with J.lo its gotta be him…Micheal keaton even dressed the same in both movies