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AFI's Top 10 (Pulp Fiction #7 Best Gangster Film)

The American Film Institute has done an online special of the 10 best films in the genres westerns, romantic comedies, animation, sports, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, gangster, courtroom drama and epic, with Pulp Fiction landing at #7 in the gangster genre.

The special includes input from various film-makers and actors, and the Pulp Fiction-segmend includes a 4-part interview of QT talking about the four stories, the theme of redemption, being on the list, and on doing a sequel with the Jules Winnfield character.

Here’s the link.

Does anyone know if QT’s AFI’s top 10 gangster movies may be seen anywhere online?

Aaah, the AFI site! And there I was, being obsessed with CBS. Thanks, Seba, we can always count on you.

There’s actually some interesting stuff in The Pulp Fiction section, namely QT saying that Butch doesn’t have to throw the fight, he’s not forced into it. I always thought that dealing with gangsters one doesn’t have any choices.

the other, more surprising thing was, that The Black Mask crime magazines, that QT always used as a reference to the structure of PF, he himself never even read.

Not to throw the attention to myself or anything, but I already posted this in the Pulp Fiction-section. Merge, delete or ignore at wish.

Man I don’t think Afi has ever made a list I care for. No Once Upon a Time in America? And why would they have courtroom drama instead of horror? Shrek one of the best animated films ever?

AFI promotes the ignorance of foreign films in the movie going public. The general audience for these things doesn’t realize that they are only American films, and takes these as the end all be all lists, assuming that no foreign films are as good as American ones.

Though I agree with you on certain points, I still think you’re a bit harsh. The reason why there’s only American films is because it’s the American Film Institute.

I would agree with you on Once Upon A Time In America, it really doesn’t get the plaudit it deserves, but as far as being on the AFI-list, I think a natural hinder may be that it’s partly non-American. The director and all the screenwriters are all Italian, though the producer and actors are American, so I really don’t know what nationality you’d consider it as.

Still, a horror list would be nice.

In the end, it’s only a list. I know it’s easy to be offended, but just keep repeating to yourself: it’s just a list, it’s just a list, it’s only a movie, it’s just a list. Yes, I did in fact just refer to The Last House On The Left.

They did include The THird Man, a brilliant film, but a British one.

I don’t care for the AFI lists, because like you all have been saying, it’s just American Films. Man if Italian films was put into this, 2 westerns would be #1 and #2 in Italian (OUATITW, TGTB&TU) and one would be a gangster movie (OUATIA). Yes it is an American list, but I hate when we don’t have just a list for all movies, everywhere.

very narrow-minded, I agree

It’s cool that you can view all those clips online.

[quote=“Dantes Inferno”]
Not to throw the attention to myself or anything, but I already posted this in the Pulp Fiction-section. Merge, delete or ignore at wish.


[quote=“Ify”]It’s cool that you can view all those clips online.[/quote]

Yeah, there’s some nifty shit in the QT-interviews.

Yeah, the bit with the redemption thing, quite unlike QT to give away as much as he did, really. I mean he does say that it’s up to others to comment on his work (hence the lack of commentaries on his own film), but he proceeds to discuss something we’ve probably failed to discuss here. Also, I love the way he talks about it.

i wish i could watch those clips. it’s fucked up for me. in the clips Tarantino will get out half a sentence and then it’ll stop for 15 seconds and then he’d get out the other half of the sentence and it’d stop and load for 15 seconds again, on and on

Try another browser, maybe?

yeah i tried another browser and that didn’t change anything and I also double checked to make sure I have the latest version of flash and I do… i don’t know wtf is wrong. it pisses me off because this happens with every vid that uses this kind of codec (or whatever it is). other flv vids (like youtube) work fine

send me a PM, i want to help you to sort this out

The same thing has started happening to me as well. Really fucking annoying.