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Additional music tracks in Kill Bill Vol. 1 CD?

Hello, I have an old Kill Bill Vol. 1 soundtrack CD. Everywhere I look there are 22 tracks for Kill Bill Vol. 1 standard. My CD has 33 tracks of which 11 are songs not heard in the movie and 2 are audio excerpts from Kill Bill Vol. 1. (my CD is original, not a bootleg) I scoured the internet to find a connection between those 11 songs and the movie but couldn’t find anything. Those songs include Put Your Lights On by Paul Fenech, Sugar Me by Lynsey De Paul and more. So I was wondering what connection do those extra 11 songs have to the movie? I wasn’t able to find any. I would love to hear some thoughts, sorry for my terrible english.

Hi. Does this help? Kill Bill Extended Soundtrack - The Quentin Tarantino Archives

can you post a link to what CD this is?

Interesting… of course I cannot guarantee that our list is hundred percent correct, but those titles you mentioned in your original post also don’t quite ring a bell.