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im reading a book right now i plan on turning into a script. any suggestions on how to do this. THANKS

Watch the movie called Adaptation and lose all hope.

You should probly find out if the rights are available first.

I haven’t really heard of this book, so I looked it up to see what this books about, and came across this:


Rose and Lauder recruited a fabulously select group of leaders in the study of adaptation and assembled their contributions into a stimulating and informative book well worth study by any biologist. This book is full of fascinating information and well-organized discussion that ought to be read by anyone interested in the ecology or evolution of any group of organisms.


Like someone else mentioned, watch the movie Adaptation, and you’ll understand that you cannot turn something like this into a movie. Yet the brilliance of Charlie Kaufman pulled it off by adapting the book “The Orchid Theif” as a subplot of him writing the screenplay “The Orchid Theif,” which inevitably turned into “Adaptation,” that turned into, at least in my estimation, one of the greatest screenplays in the past 30 years.

So the key is basically to have signicant and interesting subplots to accommodate the lack of a movie plot in the book.

Wow I’m stupid. I thought you meant that the book’s name was Adaptation. :wink:

You can basically disregard everything I said.

how do i find out which books’ rights are available?

how do i find out which books’ rights are available?

By contacting the author and/or publisher.

If you’re looking for one big giant magical list of books that have their rights available… there isn’t one.

That to me would be the hardest task to acheive. I tried to do it once and it just took longer and longer as I made it mine and kept it as true to the book as possible. It’s hard. I gave it up.