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According to IMDB it's Completed


look at Grindhouse under QT’s director. it says its completed.


Ummm…yeah, it better be finished. I plan on seeing it in April…


I added some info to the IMDB board the other day and posted my script review over there. IMDB is so overrun with trolls though. Goddamn!


yeah imdb is like a wiki, everybody can send stuff. most of their reviewing process happens automatically. just coz they say it’s finished, doesnt mean it is. on the other hand, that’s what i thought it is, anyway… aside from the fake trailers and post-production shit maybe


I love IMDB! I haunt that site. Its a great place to talk about many movies. Its cool to have one site about one director and I love this site too but I gotta talk about everything movie related.