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A second and very personal meaning to Planet Terror?

For some reason or a nother every time I watch Planet Terror I have this recurrent notion of how this movie might be symbolic to Robert’s life (not that I know anything about his personal life), but just based on the character’s problems and desires. For example Dakota is caught cheating by Bloc and Robert was also cheating on his`wife, right? Nah just a fucked up notion, maybe it’s nothing.

Hah, you are so funny :smiley:

What, what did I say? I’m just like Cherry Darling, inadvertantly funny. So I guess it is absurd to even speculate. ???

So I guess it is absurd to even speculate. ???

But if you se it you sort of feel that. . .how many times have you seen Planet Terror?

Could be right Bio. I think if you write scripts you cant help but have personal things pop up in them. Its actually great if you can put personal tidbits in there amongst the regular story stuff.

Yeah. It sort of feels like he’s sending a message to his ex-wife. There’s a weird tone is all i’m saying. You don’t notice in the first few viewings, I don’t mean to brag or a nything but I’ve seen this movie for more than 20 times, and it shows how personal it is.

BTW the deleted scene from FDTD is the Eva Gardner scene in the elevator, Robert mentions in the commentary that those lines were from the Richard Gecko character. No wonder those lines sounded so damn great. qT wrote them a long time ago.

Well, maybe you’re right, I don’t know. Every dirrector/writer put something personal in their movie. I just don’t feel like it was the same with PT.