A round of applause for Seb!


I’d gladly interview… no, nothing good would come from finishing this sentence. Love y’all.


Hey Seb take a camera with you and kiss QT and when you take a picture you can spread rumors that your his gay lover, send it to TMZ and you’ll be famous! Like Perez Hilton!


Thanks for getting the sites back up Sebby!!! I know you were shitting bricks all night. Well done you! ;D

BTW, the forum time is off.


you can set the time in your profile


Oh. I thought it was something you had to do. Alrighty then.


Yeah, but the minutes should still be the same no matter where you are. I’ve had to change it to -0.63, how weird!


I didn’t know you could do that. I would have to change to -6.37… Should I do that?


Yes, and after you are done, polish my boots.


No, I had to change it to - 6.63… after i did the math, I found out that you are smarter than me, cos you posted .63 first. I love you.


I know.