A round of applause for Seb!


Round of applause for getting the site back up!!!


Double from me since I missed the first round.

Seb, you’re a good man. Thanks for this forum.


QT congratulated Seb, seems far-fetched, but yes Biohazard is content. Sebastian Hasselbeck should make this a pay site. . .all you muthafuckers want everything free! $20 bucks a month for a membership – its fair.


Yeah, the board is back!


and i’ll treat you guys with another round of interviews that should’ve been online last week but during the crash i didnt bother typing it down. we’ve got interviews with more of the grindhouse cast coming up ,a death proof soundtrack review and more.

and now get the hell outa here and watch the movie


I can’t, I have to wait till 1 June :frowning:


I’ve had problems with almost everybody here, but this is the first place I went to when Kill Bill was coming out. So I thank the lord God that he allowed this site to be created.

*Gets on knees and does two Hail Mary’s


I can’t, I have to wait till 1 June :frowning:

Hahahaha, what I wouldn’t give for that statement to still stand today.

Now I have to wait till bloody middle of September.


seb is the absolute shit. He not only has maintained this site, but started the spaghetti western database, which just so happens to be the best place for spaghetti western talk, news, etc., and now is working on the “double feature”. Thanks seb.


Seb is GOD # 2

QT is #1 :stuck_out_tongue: 8)


[quote=“Bad Max”]
Seb is GOD # 2

QT is #1 :stuck_out_tongue: 8)

And I’m #3


Seb makes a wonderfull meatloaf too.


Seb’s on a power trip as of late but interviewing QT is an accomplishment in it’s own respect. Good work, and the site is WAY more informative and thorough then it was in 2003/2004.


Everyone give a round of applause for Seb for creating and maintaining this awesome site. He’s already got congratulations from QT himself and I think he’s done a brilliant job with this site. Here’s to the best Tarantino site on the internet! ;D 8)

please everyeone spread the word. May the next couple of months be the most exciting and active moments in this website’s young life. the best is yet to come!


Heres to Seb and the QTA! (clink)


I hear that! Cheers!


Hoooorah! Hoooorah for the Confederacy, down with General…Grant!


Oh you silly boy, you do make me laugh.


Hey Seb, perhaps you would need a crew for the interviews this time round? I’ll gladly interview Diane Kruger. ;D


lol I know you would, you naughty little brat ;D I’m already doing the in-depth interview with that gorgeous blonde thing