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A double feature with True Romance

Hey, guys, what movie would you screen with True Romance as a double feature? It doesn’t have to be a Tarantino movie and if you could think of a movie from the 80’s that would be sweet. I somehow have it in my head that True Romance would work best with some kind of crime/revenge/road movie from the 80’s, don’t ask me why, but if you think differently that would be cool. I know some of his influences for this movie were Badlands, Taxi Driver and Breathless(remake), but if any other movies spring to mind please post them. Hope to read some of your suggestions.

I would go with Freeway

I’d choose “Streetfighter” with Sonny Chiba. Or an Elvis movie. Or Bubba Ho-Tep :smiley:

Thelma and Louise. I think those two go together great.

I would go with Trouble Bound. Stars Patricia Arquette and Michael Madsen and has a similar gangster/road movie feel.

Thelma and Louise. I think those two go together great.

Yes. Excellent combination 8)

If you watch TR and T & L back to back they almost seem like theyre in the same movie universe. I guess it would make sense cuz theyre by the Scott Bros. But they have similar storylines (amateur criminals on the run) and great characters in em.

Excellent suggestions guys! I think I’ll try the TR and T&L double, that sounds cool, don’t know why I didn’t think of that :-[ as I love the movies by the Scott bros. I’ve never heard of Trouble Bound. Was it released under a different title overseas?