A discusson around Psychic Killer 1975

Behind a prison barbed wire fence, one person claimed to have been framed into a mental hospital while raising money to perform surgery on his mother, while another black person claimed to have killed his daughter himself, who had become a prostitute. This person agreed with him in a psychotic style that after cutting the throat of the enemy who framed his daughter, he would help the man who looked like he was mentally ill to seek revenge.

The next day, the black man inexplicably jumped out of a building and died. The white man witnessed his strange behavior towards the strange token last night and found a mysterious postcard the next day, stating that his enemy’s throat had been cut open, igniting his ambition for revenge.

The beginning of this revenge drama is a reference to the supernatural elements of exorcists and the real-life difficulties faced by Father Karas. Similar to what Taxi Driver metaphorically imply, by portraying the unreliable narrative of the protagonist (two lunatics - which reminds me of ‘Killing Joke’) and various bizarre behaviors, it effectively satirizes the logic of revenge and massacre in films like ‘Death Wish’.

As various mysterious witchcraft incidents unfold, it seems that the foolishness of the public authority that framed the male protagonist has been intentionally exposed, and at this point his remarks and past have become targeted. He is eager for revenge. He heard incredible news from the management that he was acquitted. He is innocent.

And the statements and witchcraft of the elderly black person also seem increasingly credible.

After a series of mysterious murder tricks, his description and hints of witchcraft still appear ambiguous.

The first half of the movie has already blurred various concepts.

And his words, compared to the shy and hesitant mention of the term ‘justice’ caused by the excessive addiction to violence in vigilante movies, and the protagonist who only believed in practicing justice without putting personal grievances above justice in the 1980s movies, while pursuing ‘play it safe’ in violence, appear deafening, just like rolling thunder.

“…the news reported that the sergent(which was magic-trapped,unable to control his car and crashed)was killed in a car crash,but it didn’t say anything about the speeding.”

“I’m a great believer in justice,perhaps justice found its way to use these three(the sinners).”

“I wonder…I wonder if justice will find its way to any others.”

“Well…We will just have to find out,won’t we?”

Is this an Exorcist -type movie? Not at all.
Although the original author considers this a satire, we do think that even Father Karras, whose faith is wavering, believes from beginning to end that a little girl has been invaded by evil spirits, and he just can’t do anything about it. Movie nerd Kinderman may not believe it. He used various movie theories to speculate, making us realize that this may be just a movie plot. In the end, he did find that it could not be explained by natural phenomena.
There are far more doubts and proofs about these magical methods in this film than in The Exorcist, and there is no faith background to provide an explanation for the magical methods.
There is only the pursuit of justice and the thirst for revenge.
It’s also not scary at all.

Is this a retelling of Psycho ? There are certain ingredients.
It’s a complete homage to killing a bad girl in a shower stall.
He is sexually unsatisfied. A coquettish woman kills his mother and he kills her again, which is an asymmetrical reflection of the Oedipus plot in Psycho.
In his final revenge, he dressed like his old mother.

Is this a revenge movie that swaps gunplay and action for magic? not completely.
There is no scene where revenge feels satisfying, and every time he takes revenge, he is not present. And can’t feel the burst of anger.
And there’s no gore when the violence is unleashed. Focus more on results than process.

He is a policeman framed by the police. This is a seemingly weak and powerless man who uses means that normal people cannot do to fight against the police who appear many times - the real villain and the metaphorical story of order.
His magic failed in front of a group of officers, and like the old black man, it seemed that he had reached the end of his life.
So he struggled in the sea of ​​fire, and his body was burned by the fire.

And the movie is called Phychic Killer