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A 2004 cellphone in a 70s movie

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ey=5&hit=1”></LINK_TEXT> LOVE THE FOOT!!!

…I don’t get it.

look at the cell phone on the table… This cellphone was out like 2004, and the movie is supposed to be an exploitation one from the 70s… Not a biggie, just posted the pic cuz its so damn sexy!!!

haha…I had no idea there was a cell phone sitting on that table!! That would have been the last thing I would have ever noticed.

hahaha :wink:… I bet you were lookin at the legs… personally I was lookin at the feet…

That may be just a production photo and not from the movie.

She kinda looks like Jessica Alba in this pic…

Tarantino said today, that the movie did not give any clues in what year it would be set in, so the cell is a modern aspect but it was perfectly okay. i mean listen to how these chicks talk and what they talk about. there is no year this is set in. period

good point Quentin :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The movie takes place in the present time. In the script they mention people like The Rock and movies like the GI60S remake, so it definitely doesn’t take place in the seventies.

It doenst take place in the 70’s, remember when Stuntman Mike hits the sign that reads “Wolfcreek And Scary Movie 4”

yeah, it definitely takes place in the modern day, the references and especially the wolf creek and scary movie 4. Although the prodco logos for The Weinstein Company and Dimension look like what they would’ve looked like in the 70’s, the year of the copyright on them is 2007, or mmvii. It’s a hyperreality that they’re putting us as an audience through. And Planet Terror too, it takes place after Death Proof or in between the two stories in death proof.

One, PT is definitely a post 9/11 film, pay attention to Bruce Willis’ kickass backstory, and two, pay even closer attention to the male D.J. over the car radio, early on in the film.

Oh no, theres a cellphone in the movie! Oh no, theres a laptop in the movie!! Are you kidding me? Who caaaaaares?

I just sent in a review to AICN but I doubt it’ll get posted. Which is the best review thread to post in on here?

The Official Grindhouse Review thread. :slight_smile:

screw, haha send it to me and i publish it, if it’s good

Oh no, theres a cellphone in the movie! Oh no, theres a laptop in the movie!! Are you kidding me? Who caaaaaares?


It’s a fucking movie.

Yall missed the point… LOOK AT THE LEGS AND SHUT UP!!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not a big deal since the film takes place now, but I don’t think that’ll stop the “relax, it’s just a movie” comments. Anyway, is there a thread for the Grindhouse at the New Beverly fest going on? Is anyone going to that, would it be worth starting up a thread for it?