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42nd chamber of shaolin

hey at the very end of the credits for kbv1, under the thanks section, there is 42nd chamber of shaolin-new york, what is this, is it an old grindhouse or a videostore i couldnt fund any info on it and was wondering if you guys knew. anyway what films do grindhouses play, i know they play kung fu films and i think blaxplotation films but what else? thanks i hope i put this in the right section, i probably didnt though

I have no idea of this shop or cinema, cause I live in Germany, but it would be interesting to know. But I can answer your question:

Grindhouse cinemas showed always the too extraordinary, gory and independent-movies that were not in the multiplexes. But they become cult soon. Stars of the Grindhouse cinema are especially Gordon Liu (Shaw Bros. studios), Sonny Chiba, Bruce Lee and of course Pam Grier, Robert Forster, David Carradine etc.

its Rza’s studio

RZA has 36 chambers studio in Manhattan

my bad then