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3 awesome short films

Hi guys! I just registered here on the board. I actually have been reading this board for over 2 months now lol. I was really shocked to find MOST of you guys actually have really good taste!

Anyways, just wanted to make my first post and show you guys a few short films by Josh Hegard.

Now before flaming and accusations starts flying, I just want to clear this up: I do work for Josh. I told him about this forum, and since his work reminds me a lot of a Rodriguez/Tarantino feel, I thought I’d throw up some of his work, to see what the real fans think!

Please post any/all criticism, advice, or comments about all 3!

U guys rock, looking forward to being a solid participant in these forums!

PS: I am extremely sorry if I posted this message in the wrong forum! I thought Movie Corner made the most sense of all the rooms :slight_smile:


Better Left Unsaid:

Pit Stops To Hell:

Devil To The Metal - What is Satanism?: