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21 Grams

I have never seen this film. Yes, it’s true. But very interested in seeing it, but no rental store has it by me, and I have recently cancelled my online rental thing, so the only way to see it is to buy it. Now I did some searching about the film and read that it is a very depressing film. Now I have seen really disturbing movies, but depressing ones are a different story. I love Sean Penn’s work, and very fond of Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro.

So if anyone who reads this has some review/opinions on the film and should I just spend about $15 bucks to buy it and add it to my huge movie collection, or what? I buy movies I haven’t seen yet, but I don’t know if this one would be good to go ahead and buy without seeing it. Thanks for reading.

So has anyone seen it? ;D

As I’m talking to myself it seems, I decided to go ahead and bought it online.

It’s good. Sad things happen but I think depressing might be an over statement.

Unless you’re really sensitive I don’t think it’s gonna darken your day much.

cool thanks. I’m not really sensitive. lol.

I recall it being very, very good. Weasel hates it, though (as far as I remember)

Yes, I hate it with a passion, so does Scarface, I think.

I thought it was good.

Yes, I hate it with a passion, so does Scarface, I think.

Actually, I like it. 8)

I think we have a fan here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … =3891&nbsp”>;u=3891&nbsp</LINK_TEXT>; ;D