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#10 is not ok, make them faster, make as many as possible


We all still love Tarantino. Right? Basterds and Django were the best he made, right? I only wish he didn’t cast that french girl in Basterds, should have cast another one. (hopefully that wasn’t a dirty Weisntein maneuvre)

I believe that when a guy like Tarantino is so lucky (somewhat created the luck for himself by being the ultimate film nerd) to be able to make any movie he wants to and have so many people who are looking forward to each movie he makes coming out, all the world’s top actors begging to be chosen to act in his movies (I guess as in Woody Allen films, all willing to take a pay cut if need be), all crew also wishing they could be part of the credits on each Tarantino adventure, then I think you have the responsibility to make as many movies as possible.

I don’t think it’s ok the way he’s been “living life” (aren’t we millions of Tarantino fans worldwide more important than whatever he wanted to “spend time” to do in his private life?) in between movies to reason why he’d only make 1 movie every 3-4 years, that was not ok. Better than Stanley Kubrick who only made 1 movie per decade. But still not quite ok. Tarantino probably should have been at #16 by now, not just #8.

And then I think it’s not ok when he says he wants to quit after this random number of #10.

No, no, no. You can’t quit. You can’t stop.

Keep making them movies until people don’t want to give you money to make them (yeah right), until you’ve used up all your own money to make them (Tarantino probably has kept a fortune enough probably to make #100 if he had enough time to). Or until you become incapacitated. That simple.

Who cares if there’s a risk that you become a senile. Senile film makers can also be great. (I’m pissed off De Palma, Carpenter, Haneke, Godard, Polanski aren’t making more movies recently)

Cinema is the ultimate art form. You cannot quit movies to say you want to write novels or to become a film critic or “to spend time with your kids/to make kids” or some other bullshit. Kids, family, girlfriends, hobbies, drinking etc have to take second priority after the importance to keep churning out these awesome movies that will live forever.


Wow. Where do you get off making these demands on anyone? Sorry to be the bearer of reality, but QT doesn’t owe you a thing.


Its not up to anyone but QT to decide when hes going to stop making movies. Its simple as that.


Let’s hope he makes more movies, he has the great skill to do so. I must add Reservoir Dogs to the Great List, for raw movie excellence.


I would love to see a 100 QT films but truth be told, the music won’t play forever and eventually will be churning out crap movies if he goes past 15 or something. There comes a time when you can’t rip off anymore movies because you’ve ripped off everything or other filmmakers have


Heck, I’m a writer and even I’m running out of movies to homage (ironically ten ideas I have)


Theres only so many ways to tell a story. If youre working in a genre, thats even more limited. Its not about ripping movies off (lets be clear: QTs screenplays are 100% his), its about “do you have anything important enough to say thats worth you making a film about it”

QT has his own style of telling stories in film, the chapter concept. Noone was really doing that before him. Also he def has his own unique voice, when you go see a QT film, you know its a QT film regardless of what he references.


Sorry if I was too harsh. I don’t want to drive anyone away from these boards. I would love more Tarantino films too, but I respect his decision to quit when he wants and I just don’t think any artist should have to sacrifice their personal life and happiness to appease their audience.


I’m just saying the potential to influence and inspire millions and millions of people (not just in the present but also in the future), including the hardcore QT fans, is worth way more than whatever QT would want for his own personal life. And I cannot imagine how QT would be able to get any more satisfaction in his private life than while making a movie. Loved ones should usually only feel happy for him if he can keep making more and more movies, it’s not like you can’t go home at night after a good day’s work. And your family can easily travel with you and be perfectly happy and comfortable that way.

Film makers who are so lucky to be able to direct and write their own movies are so very fortunate. Hundreds if not thousands of people ready to work to realize their vision, with millions of people ready to watch the result once you’re done with the editing. If you’re so lucky, which QT is, I believe you have a responsibility to churn out as many awesome movies as possible.

I just don’t agree that getting old should mean a film maker cannot produce any good movies anymore. For example Django Unchained that QT did as a 49 year old is arguably better or at least as good as Pulp Fiction that he did as a 31 year old.

Now who knows, maybe QT does go on to become badly senile, who knows, but I think it’s wrong that he decides out of some kind of prediction that he should stop at #10. If some of his movies turn to the worse after he’s 60, so be it. I’m thinking he probably wouldn’t be making any worse than some of the “less awesome” QT movies that he did in his 30ies and 40ies, how can he be so sure he won’t be able to make his ultimate masterpiece when he’s 65 years old or 70?

Anyways, it’s just my opinion that when you’re so lucky to be able to make movies, you have a responsibility to make as many as possible. Same thing goes for those who are so lucky to be an actor. Or a cinematographer. Film scorer. Etc etc.


Its about legacy for him I think. Not about having the ability to make movies. He said he wants his movies to be connected by a certain exciting youthful quality. He doesnt want to start making movies that are for old people


George Miller did an amazingly awesome Mad Max Fury Road movie as a 70 year old. I’m sure I can find you lots of other examples of old film makers who churn out lots and lots of awesome movies for their fans and for the future. For example Woody Allen is an awesome example he directed 54 movies thus far, most fully satisfactory for his fans and his recent films are still awesome. Midnight in Paris that Woody Allen did as a 76 year old is probably one of his best films ever. I don’t think it has to be a given that once QT is 60+ years old then he can’t be making youthful quality movies anymore. At least he shouldn’t be able to have any way to know that in advance.


I agree, I dont think your age means you cant make awesome youthful films. You gotta just be aware of it

But I think the quality of your films could suffer if you keep cranking em out too. 10 solidly entertaining films is better than 20 where several are kinda forgettable junk.


I am always psyched for a Tarantino special! How many directors can keep you on your toes like him, never sitting back, “This is boring”.