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what kind of pistols did Blonde, Pink, White, and Orange use? It seems they were the same kind, but what tho’? Thanking you in advanced

they are either 9mm (smith and wesson) or 45 cal (colt 1911 maybe)

Ya those pistols add to the flair of the whole movie cuz theyre just so fuckn big… BANG BANG BANG

I don’t know but they’re pretty cool!

Hell yeah I want one! So I can buss some caps at my PC!

Mr Orange’s gun when he shoots Mr Blonde is kinda weird, I don’t remember if he used the same gun when he shot the woman in the car but this gun is kinda funny and silly.

I think is a pretty fucking cool gun!

Que no?

It was the .45 cals that the dogs, I’m fuckin’ sure