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Your top 5 favorite Characters in ANY Quentin movie

1 from each of the 5 movies:

Mr. Blond (Reservoir Dogs)

Jules (Pulp Fiction)

Ordel Robbie (Jackie Brown)

Budd (Kill Bill)

Stuntman Mike (Death Proof)


Joe Cabot

Mr. Blond

Mr. Pink


Jules Winnfield

Mia Wallace



Jackie Brown

Louis Gara

Ordell Robbie


The Bride





Stuntman Mike

Jungle Julia

Top 5

  1. The Bride
  2. Jules Winnfield
  3. Mia Wallace
  4. Mr. Pink
  5. Stuntman Mike

Jackie, Ordell, Ray Nicolette, Mr. Orange, Lance, The Bride, O-ren.

Mia Wallace is a revelation

1. The Bride

2. Mia Wallace

3. Stuntman Mike

4. Mr.Pink

5. Go-Go Yubari

the only people who’ve not given good performances for me are:

Raquel (Pulp)

The Bride’s friends at the chapel (Kill Bill VOL. 2)

Nate (Death Proof)

1. Jackie

2. Ordell

3. Max

4. Bill

5. Beatrix Kiddo

(list subject to change at any moment, for any reason, including that I didn’t just wake up)

The Bride

Jules Winnfield

Jackie Brown


Mr. Pink

Vincent Vega


Mr. Pink

Gogo Yubari

Mia Wallace


Mr. White

Stuntman Mike

Vincent Vega


1. Mr Pink 8)

2. Vincent Vega ;D

3. Stuntman Mike >:D

4. Nice guy eddie >:(

5. Pumpkin

and even though true romance was not directed by QT Clarence Worley still desrves a mention ^-^

Mr Pink


Seth Gecko

The Bride



Zoe Bell


Mia Wallace

Elle Driver/Gogo (tied)

1.Louis Gara
2.Mickey Knox
3.Mr. Pink
4.Ordell Robbie
5.Mr. White

  1. Stuntman Mike
  2. Budd
  3. Pai Mai
  4. Mr. Blonde
  5. Bill

it’s strange because Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie and none of the characters are in the top 5 and Death Proof is my least favorite yet Stuntman Mike is my favorite character. If there was more screentime with him and less of those annoying chicks talking about their boyfriends it might’ve been up there with Pulp and Kill Bill… Just about all of the characters are great really, save for the chicks in Death Proof. ugh. After I see Inglourious Basterds a few more times maybe the characters from that movie will make the list.

[EDIT: I just realized i’ve already posted in this topic… back in '08. My top 5 have changed. I guess they change depending on my mood.]

Just a guess but, Pai Mei isn’t an original Tarantino character he has been in many kung-fu movies previous to Kill Bill V2.

  1. Bill
  2. Hans Landa
  3. Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield
  4. Stuntman Mike
  5. Ordell Robbie

Best QT characters ranked

  1. Jules Winnfield
  2. The Bride
  3. Bill
  4. Mr. Pink
  5. Hans Landa