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Your first import dvd

I think the first one was The Killer (HK Universe dvd) which didn’t play on my PS2 (I didn’t even own a dvd-player back then). I send it back to the finnish store I bought it from and requested to have something else instead. They said ok, and I chose Hard Boiled (US Fox Lorber / Winstar). That was the first import I ever got to watch. The time was summer 2002.

The first import I ordered oversead myself (and also my first visa purchase) was either Kill Bill Vol. 1 (R2J) or Zatoichi (Kitano) (R2J). Can’t remember which one I ordered first, but both were pre-orders (winter 2004). Got those from yesasia.

My first was Claws of Steel, second is Celestial Picture’s The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.

HKL’s commemorative Bruce Box

(Which came with another un-opened copy…Apparently, free of charge!)


Actually Battle Royale (Tartan and South Korean copies) was my first import. But since they’re NTSC R0’s, I wouldn’t count them. Being a Region 1’er, the Bruce Box was my first R2.

Celestial’s Vengeance! was my first R3 purchase.

My Name is Nobody German Import 4 DVD set.