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Your favourite movie discoveries

What movies did you discover and like or even fall in love with? I can be recent or from years ago.

You don’t “discover” a film like Spider-Man, Terminator or Pirates of the Carribean, because everybody knows about them. I’m talking about movies that are lesser known or even hard to get, they can still be “mainstream”, but not very big hits.

I’ll start…

Garden State

Written, directed and starring Zach Braff (from Scrubs), a beautiful, unusual and funny tale.

Battle Beyond the Stars

Well crafted entertaining Sci Fi B-Movie starring George Peppard, Robert Vaughn, Joh Saxon and Sybille Danning


Not exactly “top secret”, but many people don’t know about this delighting tale of two middle aged losers on their journey through the winelands which ultimately leads them to their true self.

I Heart Huckabees

I cannot express this in words, everybody should see this. One wild and truly original ride of a movie.

52 Pick-Up

Directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Roy Scheider (Jaws), a straightforward and realistic thriller.

Welcome back, Mr. McDonald

Probably the best japanese Comedy ever.

American Ninja 3

Listed in the IMDB “Bottom 100”, this is one of the worst movies ever made, no doubt about it. Ridiculous plotting and action combined with sever layers of camp and cheese, this will have you laughing your ass off, if you can dig bad movies. Starring Steve James.

Kikujiro no natsu (Summer of Kikujiro)

My favourite Takeshi Kitano movie and my 4th favourite movie of all time, a funny and heartwarming road movie.

Something I can think of

Criteria: didn’t expect anything special

Sex & Fury

A turning point that lead to discovering an entire genre

Angel Guts: High School Co-ed

Same as above, but Nikkatsu this time

Resurrection of Golden Wolf

One of the best crime films ever. With average reviews everyhere. Blah

Virus (The Day of Resurrection)

One of the best disaster movies ever and a jaw dropping end of the world vision

Truck Yaro: Dokyo ichibanboshi

Ended up ordering nine more Truck Yaro films

Tokyo Fist

A bit like Fight Club, but more hard hitting

Yeah, I’ve never discovered anything from outside Japan…

Just about ALL Pinky Violence films. As well as Female Prisoner Scorpion.

A couple months ago, I had an Oscar marathon by watching nothing but nominated or winning movies. Quite a few that I never saw before and really liked:

Pickup on South Street

Umberto D.


The Letter (1940)

Dersu Uzala

The Snake Pit


The Best Years of Our Lives

Feast-One of the most satisfying (Fun-Gore) horror flicks I’ve seen in YEARS.

Pin-One of the most satisfying (Psychological) horror flicks I’ve seen in YEARS.

The Holy Mountain-Honestly didn’t expect much from it since I figured it wouldn’t compete with my other 2 beloved Jodorowsky movies, El Topo and Santa Sangre. But this rightfully belongs in the upper echelon of his masterworks. I was astounded by this.

House of D-The critics seemed to hate it, but I honestly haven’t met one person that’s disliked it. Including myself.

Oasis-Tough to watch at times, but you’ll still be extremely moved by this South Korean flick.

Throwdown-Johnnie To’s homage to Kurosawa,the martial arts,and character redemption makes for splendid viewing.

Street Fighter-So far its my favorite Sonny Chiba movie

Rolling Thunder-great revenge movie

Walking Tall-I love everything in this movie definitely my favorite hixploitation

Man Outside-Havent seen it in awhile but i remember it being really good

The Sadist-Really scary

Sleepaway Camp-Great 80’s horror


It’s an obscure documentary made by an independent filmmaker Roy Westler, it was kind of hard to track a copy down, but lucky for me I found the website where I purchased this awesome documentary. I saw this on PBS, and it was just beautiful.


Charlie Kaufman is da JEW, BITCH!!! The man has mad writing skills. It feels so strange when you watch it, it’s like he wrote his experiences while adapting a book about Orchards, but what you’re watching is what has been written. What a mind bender!


Quentin Tarantino, what would we do without him. I’m getting into romantic comedies, it’s certainly a weird transition, I usually like seeing things die in a very bloody and grusome way. People die in TR, (I love that scene in the hotel, the shotgun scene) but it’s still a nice film, I put it on when I go to sleep. “Georgia peach”.


Better than Sling Blade? They’re about even I say. Anywho, this film is so full of emotion yet you can’t help but to laugh at Raymond, he is such a fucking idiot!

CHARLIE:“Don’t tell anyone were counting cards”

(A hot chick sits next to Raymond)

HOT CHICK:"Hey, what are you up to?"

RAYMOND: “We’re counting cards”


Kurosawa made such a great film, I actually didin’t mind reading the captions for about 3hrs, it’s just so entertaining to watch. Unlike the Sturges adaptation known as “The Magnificent Seven”, which I did not like. There’s just something about the bald guy from The Ten Commandments that I hate, I think its his voice, too damn deep. I like all the characters in the film, it’s rare to see something this good.


"Dying ain’t much of a living, boy!"

This is definately in my top 20, i’m a huge Clint Eatwood fan and it’s mostly because of this film. He sort of reprises the same character from Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns, only in this one he actually has a name and a heart. I saw this film on TBS and I absolutely liked it, and now I own a copy, still waiting for a special edition.

May i just say that The Outlaw Josey Wales fucking rules, the best non leone western out there definitely!


Happiness - (Todd Solondz) - sick as hell but perversely funny and great performances allround.

Factotum - (Bent Hamer) - rambling character piece, highly enjoyable

American Movie - (Chris Smith) - saw it in film school of all places one of my favourite films, so funny!

Trees Lounge (Steve Buschemi) - understated but fantastic.

Mr Majestyk (Richard Fleischer) - Awesome over the top actioner starring Charlie Bronson

To Live and Die In La (William “Loaded Gun” Friedkin) - overlooked and off the wall cop movie that embodies qt’s definition of a story that constantly unfolds

The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Tenebre, Suspiria (Dario Argento in general, he rules!)

Touch Of Evil (Orson Welles) - Face meltingly awesome go see it!

Class of 1999

I Come in Peace

EVE of Destruction

Psycho Cop

Taking Care of Business(-that one might be pushing it :wink: anyone seen it?)

Under Pressure

…too many others to list.

(over the past year or so)

Wassup Rockers


All About Lily Chou Chou

Fallen Angels

A Yakuza In Love

Mystery Train

Sid and Nancy (before I found out how full of shit it was)

Barren Illusion

Electric Shadows


Riding Along For Thousands of Miles

The Devil and Daniel Johnston

Kamikaze Girls


Sophie Scholl



Tokyo Story

The Filth and the Fury

I really need to see El Topo/Holy Moutain.

2020 Texas Gladiators

I just fell in love.

Class of 1999


Thats a sequel to class of 1984, have you seen it?

Nope, not yet. I could have bought it at Best Buy in Hunstville…and I probably wish I would have. But I heard that it’s not as great as Class of 1999.

P.S. There’s also a Class of 1999 part 2. It’s supposed to be the worst one.

Death Rides a Horse


Dario Argento and 70’s horror

The Ten Commandments

Roman Epics, 4 hour long 40’s - 60’s movies, Epics

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Spagetthi Westerns and westerns overall

Kill Bill

rented it on dvd in early 2004, got hooked on QT

Thriller: En Grym Film


Modern Times

Charles Chaplin

[quote=“Bad Max”]
Kill Bill

rented it on dvd in early 2004, got hooked on QT

Was it the first QT movie you saw ? Didn’t you see it on theater first ? You’re then part of this new generation in love with QT since KB, which sounds logical since you’re younger.

Delicatessen and City of Lost Children were great. Another one was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I had never heard of Hunter S. Thompson before I saw it. I was in college and had just broken up with a girl that I had dated for five years. There was this girl who used to come to watch my band play and we hooked up shortly thereafter - she took me to see this movie. We got really drunk in the theater and she showed me some more entertaining footage after the show. Man…those were some good times. ::slight_smile:

[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
Delicatessen and City of Lost Children were great. [/quote]

Awesome you love these movies so much. Definitely two of my fav French movies and movies in general. Jeunet had a strong impact on me and gave me hope to work in the French cinema.

Delicatessen was on last night - my wife thought it was wierd - but I just love it. I like how everyone is so greedy and sneaky - especially the scene where that throw that old woman’s yarn down the staircase and plot her death. great film

city of lost children was a masterpiece as well…the photography was cutting-edge for its time.

400 Blows-First time I watched this movie I didnt really like it but a year later I watched it and completely fell in love with it

The Killing Fields-Wonderful war movie


Men At Work

Rolling Thunder

Horror Express

Awsome horror film from 1973 starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Seems to be a Yeti movie but with a twist.

Witchfinder General

1968 starring Vincent Price in one of his best roles as a “witch” hunter, but when he executes a priest, the man engaged to the preist’s niece seeks revenge. Very strange and violent period piece.

Horror Express

Awsome horror film from 1973 starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Seems to be a Yeti movie but with a twist.

Ahah, I’ve seen this one, I have it on dvd in a boxset. Cool and funny movie.