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Your favorite quote

Hands fucking down, Mr. Blonde: “Are you gonna bark all day little doggie…or are you gonna bite?”

Mr White: You kill me in a dream you better wake up and apologise

Genius :slight_smile:

“You’re gonna be ok…Say the goddamned worrddddsssss,you’re gonna be okkkk!!!”

“You’re gonna be ok…Say the goddamned worrddddsssss,you’re gonna be okkkk!!!”

I didn’t like the way Harvey Keitel said that line, to be honest. It sounded like he was a 4 year old boy on a playground taunting another kid “You’re gonna be okaaaay na na na na na na!”

I like “piss on this fucking turd!” Can anyone explain to me what it means? I dont really understand it, but I say it all the time.

it just sounds like a wrong combonation of fecal matter

Nice Guy Eddie

"This cop?"



Hands fucking down, Mr. Blonde: “Are you gonna bark all day little doggie…or are you gonna bite?”

This quote is great, I have it on a poster with Michael Madsen from RD, drinking his soda, when he just arrived.

Nice Guy: Daddy did you see that?

Joe: What?!

Nice Guy: He tried to fuck me, Vic you tried to fuck me in my fathers office. Now whatever you do in the privacy of your own home goto it.

Two of them from the same scene… havent been mentioned.

“Never ceases to amaze me. Fuckin jungle bunny goes out there, slits

some old woman’s throat for twenty-five cents. Fuckin nigger

gets Doris Day as a parole officer. But a good fella like

you gets stuck with a ball-bustin prick.” Joe C


"Now ain’t that a sad sight, daddy, walks into jail a white man, walks

out talkin like a nigger. It’s all that black semen been shootin

up his butt. It’s backed up into his brain and comes out of his mouth." Nice Guy

both pretty offensive but some of my favorites

elkie, I described the meaning of the phrase pxss on this fucking txrd several days ago. I believe it was excised from the forum because the moderator may have found it to be overly erotic. Please use your imagination. If you’d like I could explain to you the meaning of the phrase “go pee pee on this caca.”;, but maybe we should pick up this discussion on the zoobamafoo forum.

Mr. White: “For the past fifteen minutes now,

you’ve just been droning on with

names. “Toby…Toby…Toby…

Toby Wong…Toby Wong…Toby

Chung…fuckin Charlie Chan.” I

got Madonna’s big dick outta my

right ear, and Toby Jap I-don’t-

know-what, outta my left.”

I also love the bitch quote but another excellent one is

Joe: And you are Mr. Pink.

Mr. Pink: Why am I Mr. Pink?

Joe: Cause you’re a faggot, ok?

Originally the part of Mr. Pink Quentin wrote for himself

why mr. brown sounds more like mr. shit

Ok I’m kind of new but the when Mr Pink and Mr White talk about Cops not beign real people does he mean he doesnt consider them as human beings they’re just part of the government, or do they mean they aren’t civilian?

Maybe Non-civilian.

that they are scum basically

i see all these people with pictures and such at the end of their post how do i get that? I’m new to this forum as you can tell.

find an image you want or make a banner then upload it to or and take the “img” tag that will start [img] like that, then add it it to your profile under ‘Signature’ :slight_smile: