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Your CAR!


This topic is for you to tell us what kind of car (if old enough) you have.

My car is a 73 Nova.


Who the hell is he?

He must be on drugs. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking he’s Biohazard(Tnafan=wresting fan) btw you already changed the title lol.


^ Yeah, I couldn’t delete the topic, so I figured I changed it! LOL! But put what you said in the AIM topic he posted, that’s where we are laying it down! LOL!


I’m thinking he’s Biohazard(Tnafan=wresting fan)…

Biohazard never laughs that fucking much. In fact, no one does.


^ He wasn’t talking about me, I re-did this topic. It was about TNAFANBOY and I changed it to “Your Car”! So the early replies were about Fanboy. I couldn’t delete the topic so I changed it to “Your Car”! He wasn’t talking about me.