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You can be in a reservoir dogs documentary

1. you have to live in LA

2. you have to be a QT fan

3. you can’t be a jerk :slight_smile:

[quote]My name is Taryn and I work for a production company called Automat Pictures in Los Angeles. Our company has been hired by the Independent Film Channel to produce a retrospective documentary on Reservoir Dogs that will air this June. “Revisiting Reservoir Dogs� will examine the film’s unique place in pop culture history. It will celebrate its eclectic cast of characters, use of humor and violence, unique storytelling style, fashion, and much more.

We are asking artists, musicians, cultural critics, and actors to share their perspective on the film, and appear in our documentary via an on-camera interview. There is a possibility that we may contact fans of Tarantino and the film as well and wanted to find out if you might know some people in LA who would be interested. Please email me and let me know. We are shotting the end of this week (5/5-5/6).

Thank you,

Taryn Teigue

Automat Pictures, Inc.[/quote]

damn, only number 2 fits me

I should also add that they are

[quote]shooting THIS Thursday and Friday and we are only looking for SERIOUS Tarantino fans who have either started a website, wrote a book, made a tribute film or video, painting, or some kind of artistic response to the film. We will be looking for maybe 2 or 3 big fanatics in the LA area only.

damn, only number 2 fits me

So do I :-</E> But I don’t know if I would really present myself, in front of cameras… don’t think think so…

But anywhay cool to see that some can have this chance :slight_smile: