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Yeah yeah yeahs on snl tonight!

I jizzed my pants! Get it, song - SNl - Jizz on my pants?

Crickets chirping

Anywho Karen Orzolek and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are making their SNL debut so catch it on the lube tube you lame’os.

Why Zac Efron ?? Why ??

They’re always great, I can’t wait to see them in live. It’s gonna be wild and screamy, awesome in a word ! Karen O is one of the best.

Zero music video for the lazy and un-updated people :

I love how she moves.

Yeah! That’s one of the greatest music videos ever made. I like how we’re fooled, we think she’s going to perform on a stage and then bam!

Outside, city lights and her awesome dancing. Karen has style.