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WWII Movies


I haven’t seen many war films, WWII or not, but I really gotta recommend Das Boot to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. It’s from a German standpoint, which makes it very interesting. Also, the soldiers are not pretty boys or stars or famous faces or whatever. I remember watching Black Hawk Down and there was too many good-looking guys. Same with Pearl Habor. If there’s a weird-looking guy in these kind of movies, he plays the role of “weird-looking guy”… he is “weird-looking guy”, not Peter, not John, just “weird-looking guy”.

Anyways, I watched the 210 min version of Das Boot which was a bit too long, especially as the movie is so realistic that the number of memorable scenes kinda goes down. But the submarine thing is so exciting to watch. You never (almost) see anything. It’s only hearing and what they’re saying. The anticipation is so great. Good film.