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Wong Kar-Wai


On a german site there was the information that Wong Kar-Wai will head the Cannes Festival Jury 2006.

IMO time to start a topic about this man… ;D


This man is the reason why Tarantino is no longer my favourite director…

Too bad he broke up with Chris Doyle.


This is a great director. It would be so cool if he’ll head the Cannes films fest…

When someone has other information, give us as soon as possible.


I remember Fallen Angels floored me the first time I saw it. He’s since become my favorite director.


Chungking Express is my 3rd most favourite movie of all time.


What are his best films?


[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
What are his best films?

Basically all except As Tears Go By (which is good, too). I recommend you start from In the Mood for Love (then 2046) and Chungking Express (then Fallen Angels).


[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
What are his best films?

In the Mood for Love, 2046, Chungking Express.


damn, i can’t wait to watch my blueberry nights…


[quote=“Le Fou”]
damn, i can’t wait to watch my blueberry nights…

You won’t be disappointed. If you’re not already mad cause he shot with a US crew, then keep thinking it will be a cool experience. The movie was part of my fav screening in Cannes. Nora Jones is awesome and so is Jude Law. Tell me when you see it, it’d be interesting to know your reaction. I saw it twice in Cannes and will see it twice when it’s released too, to give my money twice.


Part 1 of 6 of an Australian interview with Wong Kar-Wai.