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Willing to collaborate on a horror movie- send sample

It’s a horror movie. I’m not gonna go into it here.

This would be my first time collaborating with anyone. I’ve already written one script and have many more ideas and unfinished scripts. This one is pretty well written in my head, but I’m having trouble with it right now. I figure I might try a collaboration and see how it goes, if it goes.

Send me a sample of your writing, you can see a sample of mine at It’s not the current version, but it’s the registered version.


collaborating with people on the net isn’t really a good idea. unless you can meet with them, but that’s scary

Ps. horror is the worst genre of movies,

I figured that collaborating on the net isn’t a good idea. And as I’m thinking about it, I probably won’t.

BUT!!! Horror is NOT the worst genre of movies!!! >:(

There is no WORST genre. If you are a true lover of film.

i didn’t say i hated it, i said it was the worst out of all the genres

I still disagree. You can’t measure genre’s against each other. You have your own preferences. But, to make a general statement like that is unfair and unfounded. Each genre holds it’s own merit. What is it you don’t like about horror?

i don’t like being scared

What a pussy.

i like your cript do far ive 40 pages ill tell you if i like it and help you with it later

dude horror is home to Saw and 28 Days Later, both dynamite pieces

Holy old threads batman!~

Horror is one of the best genres. Romantic comedies are the worst genre.

i think we can all agree on that