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Will Quentin go to this years Cannes film festival?

It starts tomorrow…I know he’s not in the jury and doesn’t have a film to promote but will he come there just for the fun of it?

who knows :slight_smile:

Browsed through the films at:

The 3 biggest films playing Sin City, Land Of The Dead & Star Wars.

With Sin City playing there is a pretty good chance, I’d say…

After all he aint doing much, execpt witing (I presume)

he of course is in cannes!

Sorry Seb, but I can’t see he photo :-</E>

How can I do this ?

Here’s the photo:

OK thx Vince_Vega :wink:

Is there really in Cannes of this year ? Because I never saw that photo in french mags, or TV show, etc.

Is there more infos about it ?

He wasn`t with the Sin City cast and crew and I haven’t seen any pics of him :’(

that’s too bad, he had to be there !

Anywhay, that’s his life, he made what he want to do …

In Qubec mags too I never see Quentin pics at Cannes. Who knows, he maybe still at home to work on Inglorious Bastards. :stuck_out_tongue:

that can’t be a pic of QT at cannes, i’ve seen that picture before, i’m sure.