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Will Act for Low Pay!

Hey, howyadoing? I’m Anthony Domelo, and I can act, currently I’m trying to produce/direct/ and write a movie which I have the script for. I don’t see how that’s going to work without any budget or any experiance in acting.

Here’s the deal, I can act well, I can do all sorts of accents from the New Yorker accent, to the Hispanic accent, to the British, Italian, Russian, Boston, Southern, Californian, Austrian, Jamaican (but I’m white), Japaneese, Chineese, Indian, Middle-Eastern, Israeli, American-Jewish, Black (but I’m white), and pretty much anything else you can think of.

I can do voice overs (never done that before) and I can act in person before a camera.

One problem, I’m only 15 years-old. If you need a mobster-looking teenager for a movie you’re doing, talk to me, I can help.

yeah, good thing youre the only one with that dream, kid

define british bub

The same way that any of my friends with a British accent speak, it’s a bit faster then the American accent, and sounds a bit more sophisticated too.

that is why i would not hire you my friend. Many americans see the " british" accent as say Hugh Grant , which infact only a small group of people speak with. Britan is England, Wales and Scotland. All have their own accents and sub dialects. Therefore there is no such thing as a British accent

I thought it was the other way around, I thought England was Britan, Scottland, and Whales. My bad. Anyway, my uncle lives in England, so I can learn from his accent., but when you can find someone who actually speaks with a British accent then what is the point of hiring someone who fakes it?

Also, I have only seen Hugh Grant in one movie, and it was too slow and boring for me. I base the English accent off of a mixture of maybe a Lord of the rings type voice, and some of Mike Meyers (Austin Powers). I think it depends more on what you say, rather than how you say it, but they’re both a big factor, if I had a microphone I would record something.

It won’t matter unless we know where you are at.

I can do a fake bad guy russian accent. >:D

If you want to act: Get an agent.

Do you honestly think you’re going to find work posting on a random messageboard over the net?

It’s not all about accents :-</E>