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i will see what i can do . i will make some screenshots and post them here and you all can decide which one we should use ;D ;D ;D


ok a little late but here they are :

Its really hard to get good pics of the HoBL,perhaps somebody can find better ones.Btw:I had to resize the pics for Uploading :wink:


these pictures are not only resized but they are squeezed as well


really ?? shit … what now ?


Do you still have the screenshots in their original size?


How in the hell do you resize photos?


[[Image:blah.jpg|200px]] makes blah.jpg 200 pixels wide


I see, thanks Sebby Bear!



I see, thanks Sebby Bear!


you’re learning fast my young padawan.

but please, unless you’re a hot chick looking like milla jovovich, and you are not, don’t call me sebby bear. it’s … gay, coming from you. no offense :wink:


Yeah plus its creepy…“Sebby Bear” wtf? :wink:


“sebby bear” sounds like a disco-era starski and hutch kind of nickname.


I don’t get it. How do I get photos uploaded to the wiki?


You just click the little UPLOAD FILE link at the bottom of the wiki. That brings you to the Upload File page. Then you just browse the pics on your PC, upload them. then when its uploaded goto the Photos page. Click Edit, find the area you want to add the pics and type for example:


To adjust the pic size you can type:


or whatever pixel size you want.

Its very easy once you learn the basics.

Looks like the Cannes page is all set. Great pics!


Got it!!! Thanks!!!