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Why is the Jackie Brown OST incomplete?

The subject sums up my question. Is it because there were just too many songs? Or is it a rights issue and therefore it would cost too much money to put all the tracks on the soundtrack.

I ask because there a lot good songs which aren’t on the soundtrack. One of my favorite being Roy Ayers’ Escape. Hearing that track and seeing Jackie walking frantically and looking for Nicolette it’s an amazing combination.

too much money to get ALL those great songs on one soundtrack. that’s my guess.

Well, a lot of OSTs are incomplete. They kind of just pick the “most memorable” ones I guess. That has always annoyed me a bit that you can never really rely on an OST to have all the songs you want, but that’s just life.

yeah even the “extended” Pulp soundtrack isn’t really complete. I agree that it sucks. sometimes it’s a rights issue (see The Big Lebowski), sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s just random…