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Why do they have each other's number?

HI R.D. fans,

I’ve bought a new R.D. poster and their is something strange on it…

The Headline that is given go:

Five total strangers.

Team up for the perfect crime.

They don’t now each other’s name.

But they know each other’s number.

I saw the movie a couple of times but what NUMBERS do they mean?

I haven’t the faintest idea about that.

Maybe someone may help?

Here’s a picture of the poster:

Regards from germany.

It’s a figure of speech.

“I’ve got your number” meaning “I’ve got you figured out” or “i know what you’re up to”

That’s basically it. If i didn’t explain that right maybe someone else can do better.


great, I see.

That’s the way I am thinking about it. But I haven’t know this figure of speech.

But now, I think I understand.

These are the problems with the language if you are a stranger.

But what a great invention is an internet forum??

Thanks for your help.

From germany all the best

Really? Wow! It’s amazing how expressions work in a different countries!

It’s funny to see Chris Penn also dressed in the black suit in that poster :smiley:

yeah, youre right.

he had never woren it in the movie. this “mistake” is also on the cover of the u.k. video tape release. there he is also dressed in that way.

maybe any of you know if thats purpose?

that is funny about the mistake on the cover with Chris Penn!

Anyhow - originally Tarantino had written that each character would have a number like #3, #7, #6 and #2 would be his number cause #2 is taking a shit but he went with Mr. Brown and so it was ::slight_smile: