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Why are some regular DVDs so freakin' expensive now?

I’ve been wanting to buy Gone Baby Gone and The Mist for months now but I refuse to pay $19.99 for Gone Baby Gone and $19.99 for The Mist and if I’d spend $20 on The Mist I might as well just go ahead and spend the extra $5 on the special edition.

I don’t get why some regular DVDs are more expensive for some reason. I always look in the weekly Best Buy and Circuit City ads now to see if those two movies are going to be on sale and it’s like every other new movie that has come out this year is on sale except for those two.

Alot of people only buy DVD’s because of special features/ editions ect… a lot of people just download rather then buy regulars…

initial releases have always been rather expensive. stupid if you buy a dvd right when it comes out :wink: plus, most retailers usually sell below the inital SRP