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Who wants to see a spinoff anime series on O-Ren?

wassup yall. this is my first post on these boards. i found this site b/c i was searching the net for a site that gave info on how to send QT an email or mail him a letter. why do i wanna write him? because i wanna BEG him to oversee or produce an anime spinoff series on the life of O-Ren Ishii. i think a series based on her would be incredible and i’m sure there’s already a built in audience from us fellow Kill Bill and QT fans. what do you think? i’ve browsed these boards and it seems like there’s a lotta cool dedicated fans. does anyone know how to send QT fan mail? or should we start an online petition? whats ur thoughts on this?

I really liked The O-Ren Anime Chapter ALOT. But I think instead of having just an ORen spinoff, Id like to see a Kill Bill Anime spinoff. Like backstories about the DiVAS and Bills history with Hattori Hanzo etc. That would be cooler to me.

fuck that, i would love to see more live action shit. maybe showing the backstory of Go-Go and some Yuki’s Revenge, but that will never happen so i shouldnt get my hopes up :frowning:



Damn, that poster’s kick-ass, Sidewinder. I agree with Toothpick, I would rather prefer a series that told stories on all the characters, not just O-Ren. I would kill to see that opening scene introducings the DiVAS that was in the script every time I watched an episode.

I would certainly want some more background spin offs, O-Ren anime, Copperhead blaxploitation, sidewinder spagetti western, BIll would get a novel or some old shaw brother shizzle. GoGo would certainly get a anime series

Sidewinder, nice poster, but I’d recommend putting a “SPOILER ALERT” before the psoter (you do kinda reveal the Bride’s real name ;))

I didn’t make that.

its cool to read that yall would love to see spinoffs too. so does anyone know if there’s anywhere we can send fanmail to QT at? or do yall think an online petition is in order? i figure its wortha shot, maybe he’d actually read the letters we sent…

No one said you did, I’m just saying…perhaps a SPOILER ALERT before the poster…cause some people don’t wanna see the Bride’s real name.

Well I’m pretty sure if anyone was a Kill Bill fan they already know but I’ll change it. Sorry duuudes.

I personally dont’ give a shit ;D

Its just in the passed folk get pissed off when shit like that is posted.

uuhh, not really

I’m still pissed off at you Kentucky for posting about SPOILER* Uma being in a coffin! Oh well, I spoiled myself even more anyway, I accidentally saw a picture of Uma actually BEING in a coffin, the picture looked so cool, but for a price --I’M SPOILED AAHHH

[quote]Sidewinder spagetti western[/quote]
Shit, that would be so fuckin’ great! ;D

I can’t wait for Volume 2! Budd is going to kick some serious ass!